IMR-KHA Metallurgical Report on As-Cast Ti6-4 Parts June 2012

Unique Titanium Shell System From RPC

Zero Continuous Alpha Case As-Cast

RPC’s unique titanium primecoat and backup shell dips deliver a unique composition and method for producing shells for investment casting of titanium alloys. The RPC titanium investment system eliminates continuous alpha case formation on as-cast surfaces and reduces trapped air when casting parts with complex 3D shapes and small features. Thin layers of intermittent alpha case on as-cast parts enables rapid prototyping of titanium castings without additional development work to assess as-cast alpha case thicknesses and overstock new patterns or post-process machining to remove overstock and achieve specification dimensions.


  • Zero continuous alpha case.
  • Exceptional pattern coverage without special processing.
  • 12 hours wax assembly to furnace.
  • Thin primecoat reduces high-cost refractory usage.
  • Thin backup dips deliver exceptional strength.
  • Excellent as-cast surface finish.
  • Reduced surface defects.

Demonstrated Titanium Casting Alpha Case Reduction

RapidProtoCasting’s unique titanium facecoat and backup dips delivers as-cast Ti6-4 parts with zero continuous surface alpha case and intermittent alpha case less than 0.003″ thick intersecting the untreated as-cast surface.    Compared to conventional investment casting shell systems, RapidProtoCasting’s proprietary investment casting technologies deliver:

  1. Reduced surface defects and improved surface finish.
  2. Improved dimensional stability and reduced casting distortion.
  3. Reduced metal mold interaction, surface contamination and titanium alpha case.
  4. Reduced process time, queue time and WIP.
  5. Eliminates caustic shell removal and reduced chem mill requirements.
  6. Reduced environmental management and waste disposal costs.
  7. Casting capabilities allowing access to new markets.
  8. Process capabilities for new and emerging cast materials.
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IMR-KHA Metallurgical Report on As-Cast Ti6-4 Parts July 2012

Laboratory Tested As-Cast Ti6-4 Alpha Case Less Than 0.003″ Intermittent

RapidProtoCasting’s Ti6-4 as-cast parts were submitted to IMR KHA-Portland for alpha case evaluations of complete casting cross-sections. Results are shown in the two reports to the right- click on the snapshots for a full-size pageview. IMR KHA in Portland, OR is a Nadcap, A2LA, ISO 17025 and GE S-400 Accredited Testing Laboratory.

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