Process Flow Summary

Process Flow Summary

RapidProtoCasting® High-Strength Precision Investment Casting Prototypes Produced in Days

RapidProtoCasting is focused on providing one service: rapid delivery of low volume precision high strength metal prototype castings. Delivering on that commitment demands

  • A lean manufacturing facility coupling rapid prototyping and investment casting and designed for the fast and efficient fabrication of different customer-design parts every day.
  • Equipment and standardized processes capable of consistently delivering low volume high quality metal parts within days of receiving a customer CAD model.
  • Trained personnel able to fabricate, finish and inspect high-quality metal castings to demanding industry specifications and proprietary customer requirements.


RapidProtoCasting designed and constructed a facility focused on quick deliver contract manufacturing of complex high-strength industrial, medical and aerospace castings. Our lean manufacturing express foundry was built around four flexible work cells allowing precise processing of small quantities of different part designs to customer specific quality, inspection and test specifications.


Single-Piece Flow Process Diagram

Single-Piece Flow Process Diagram


Custom designed purpose-built equipment delivers the highest quality precision parts one at a time or in low volume. Advanced equipment designs ensure precise investment cast processing required for high-strength vacuum melt stainless steels, nickel alloys, cobalt chromium alloys and titanium.



The most advanced industry and proprietary processes enable contract manufacturing of custom components within days of receiving a new customer design. From model to lost wax investment casting to final inspection, RapidProtoCasting’s rapid manufacturing delivers prototype castings with production quality.



Picking the right people and training them to perform consistent standardized operations and high quality special operations customized to each new customer part quickly delivers prototype quantities of precision parts capable of meeting quality standards found in engineered high-volume production processes.