Fastest Premium Delivery Options in the Industry!

Fastest Premium Delivery Options in the Industry!

RapidProtoCasting’s® Rapid Manufacturing of High-Strength Precision Investment Casting Prototypes

RapidProtoCasting’s rapid manufacturing facility delivers high-strength full-function precision investment casting prototypes.


RapidProtoCasting can deliver precision castings from in-stock alloys in as short as one day after receipt of a rapid prototype pattern and as little as four days after receipt of a CAD solid model.



RapidProtoCasting specializes in quick delivery of one to fifty parts within days using customer supplied or service bureau rapid prototype patterns. Functional prototypes, mechanical prototypes, conceptual models, medical prototypes, low-volume and bridge production castings up to 500 parts/week can be provided in as little as four weeks.



RapidProtoCasting focused its precision casting equipment design and process development to deliver the most precise high quality castings possible. Wall thicknesses 0.012″ (0.3mm), zero radius inside corners, sharp outside corners and edges, 0.030″ (0.8mm) slots, 0.020″ (0.5mm) tooth profiles and 20:1 section changes are produced with dimensional and profile variances less than + 0.002″ (0.05mm) and surface finishes to 32 micro-inch/Ra (0.8 micro-m/Rz).

CAD File to Fully Functional Casting in 4 Days!

CAD File to Fully Functional Casting in 4 Days!



RapidProtoCasting melts and pours medical and aerospace alloys providing high mechanical strength, excellent high temperature creep resistance, good corrosion and oxidation resistance, high temperature phase stability and high hardness. Typical applications include gas turbine engines, high temperature fuel systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, endoscopic and laproscopic end effectors, surgical instruments, orthopedic implants and industrial components.



RapidProtoCasting full-function cast prototypes can be developed to exceed the strength, surface finish and dimensional specifications of production parts. RapidProtoCasting® prototypes meet or exceed the properties of FDM or SLS rapid prototypes, CNC prototypes and sheet metal prototyping and are often delivered faster and at lower cost.