Opportunities Exploiting RPC Technology

Changing Aerospace Casting MarketReplacement of titanium with composites and TiAl

 Existing aerospace castings suppliers who are well-positioned to supply titanium investment castings to the aerospace market are faced with the usual pressures to reduce costs and lead-times and additional market threats arising from:

  • Cost and performance pressures from maturing additive manufacturing processes.
  • Buyer programs to deploy new materials with improved performance and reduced costs.
  • Buyer programs with competitor suppliers to develop new processes.

RapidProtoCasting’s Intellectual Property (RPC-IP) provides the potential for reducing the cost structure of the existing licensee plants, increasing the throughput of the existing licensee plants, reducing the emissions of the existing licensee plants, improving licensee competitiveness and share in its existing markets and facilitating licensee access to new markets for titanium, gamma ti-aluminide and other superalloy castings.

Opportunities in Existing Licensee Markets

 Potential improvements to Licensee existing process using RPC-IP while remaining within current fixed planning and part qualification.

  • Potential improvements to Licensee’s existing process using RPC-IP or replacement of Licensee’s existing process with RPC-IP and part requalification.

New Product in Development or To Be Secured

Potential for reduced costs and increased market share or improved margins using modified Licensee processes or RPC-IP.


Opportunities in New Markets



  • Small castings including commercial and defense aerospace, medical, UAV and composite attachment castings.
  • Thin castings including aircraft engine, UAV and aerospace castings.
  • Large castings including aerospace and defense ground vehicle castings.

Gamma Ti-Aluminde

  • Aircraft engine and UAV engine castings.
  • Higher temperature capability and higher specific strength non-hazardous material γTiAl replacements for current hazardous material beryllium sensor housings.


Other Than Titanium (SOTT):

  • Small castings including UAV engine components (blisks, blings, casings, exhaust components) and no-tooling aircraft spares castings.
  • Complex castings including float wall combustion liner castings currently exclusively produced by Hitchiner.
  • Thin-wall castings including silencer, muzzle brake and blast baffle castings.